Southgate Boulevard Potable Water Line Relocation

Southgate Boulevard Potable Water Line Relocation
City: Colorado Springs
Year: 2009
Project Description:

Full Description:  Kiowa Engineering prepared the relocation plans for 6,700 linear feet of 12-inch HDPE potable waterline located on the U.S. Air Force Academy.  The project was installed along Southgate Boulevard from Industrial Drive to Stadium Drive to replace the fifty-year old 12-inch cast iron waterline that had come to the end of its lifespan.  A requisite condition of the project was to maintain water service during the installation of the new waterline, and thus a waterline bypass was designed to assure a continuous water supply during the construction project.

Trenching was used where practicable along with directional drilling in specific locations such as under the D. & R.G.W. Railroad and Monument Creek.  At all times, care was taken to minimize damage to overstory and understory vegetation.

Kiowa prepared a Stormwater Pollution Protection Plan prior to construction according to federal guidelines.  Best Management Practices were strictly enforced during construction to ensure compatibility with federal erosion control standards. Kiowa provided construction monitoring and observation services as well.

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