Lowell Neighborhood Redevelopment Site Engineering & Utilities

Lowell Neighborhood Redevelopment Site Engineering & Utilities
City: Colorado Springs
Year: 2008
Project Description:

Kiowa Engineering prepared the civil site plans for the Lowell School redevelopment area located in the southern portion of downtown Colorado Springs.  Kiowa’s responsibilities included the redesign of Las Animas Street, Wahsatch Avenue, Rio Grande Street, Weber Street and East Fountain Boulevard within the limits of the development. 

The design also included the relocation of storm sewer, water and wastewater utilities, site grading, re-design of the Wahsatch Avenue and East Fountain Boulevard intersection, as well as the streetscape improvements associated the redevelopment of the Lowell School area.  The Wasatch and Fountain intersection design will help keep the track, including trucks, on Wasatch and Fountain relatively free-flowing without significant impact on the neighborhood.  Portion of the development are still under construction.

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