Twenty Mile Road and Baldwin Gulch

Twenty Mile Road and Baldwin Gulch
City: Town of Parker
Year: 2007
Project Description:

Kiowa Engineering prepared the roadway design for the extension of Twenty Mile Road between Lincoln Avenue and Pine Lane in Parker, Colorado.  Twenty Mile Road is classified as an arterial roadway and the extension was approximately 2,600-feet in length.  The project also included the design and installation of storm sewer facilities.

The project also involved the design and construction of a drainageway crossing and drainageway improvements of Baldwin Gulch.  The crossing included the installation of a three-sided box culvert with a grade separated recreational trail underpass and grouted boulder channel lining.  The drainageway improvements included reinforcement of the drainage channel section with soil riprap and installation of sculpted concrete drop structures to create simulated rock outcrops.  Urban Drainage and Flood Control District accepted the improvements to Baldwin Gulch into their maintenance program.

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