Areas of Expertise

Civil Design of Public Infrastructure 

o        Streets and roadways

o       Small bridges and culverts

o        Utility systems

Site Engineering    

o       Site grading an earthworks

o        Large and small commercial sites

o        Residential subdivisions

o        Institutional; schools, hospitals, police and fire stations

Stormwater Management Planning and Design    

o        Watershed master planning

o       Water quality control

o        Stream restoration

o        Storm sewer collection

o        Detention basins

Water and Wastewater System Design 

o        Sanitary sewer collection systems

o        Lift stations

o        Water distribution systems

o        Water transmission mains

Parks, Recreational, Open Space and Trail Design 

o        Local and regional park facility infrastructure

o        Trails and underpasses

o        Golf course infrastructure

Floodplain Management 

o        Letter of map revisions

o       Flood hazard and Floodplain delineation

o       Floodplain development permitting

o        Flood damage reduction and flood proofing

Erosion Control and Construction Stormwater Management 

o        Construction activities stormwater permitting

o        Stormwater management plans (SWMP’s)

o        Best management practices (BMP) evaluation and design

Environmental Resource Evaluation 

o        Wetland delineation

o        404 Permitting

o        Mitigation plans

o        Wildlife habitat evaluation

Construction Monitoring 

o        Construction observation

o        SWMP monitoring

o        Project administration and bidding services